Everything You Need To Know About Google’s New Supercharging Search Engine

Google has just made one of its biggest announcements yet. The introduction to the new Search Generative Experience.

AI is well and truly becoming a part of our daily lives and it hasn’t stopped at just chat GPT. Google has shared the first steps of their new era of search, which is going to change the way we use the search engine and we’re here to tell you all about it!

Search Generative AI

It’s no secret that AI is taking over, with the rise of Chat GPT we have seen a huge increase in the use of AI technology. So, this Google announcement comes as no surprise. Their Generative AI will help to reduce the work in searching for something, making your life just that little bit easier and quicker.

It takes the theory that when you have a question, particularly a longer tail one, instead of having to break down that question into separate more generic Google searches, you can ask Generative AI and it will collate the answers for you giving you a detailed response.

Say for example you wish to know which area is better to take children and a dog for a walk. You may get a response like this,

The AI response will generate at the top of the search with a chatty form of response. You can then choose to either ask a follow-up question or scroll down to the usual Google search results page.

This Generative AI doesn’t just stop at search queries though, it can even help you get a bigger picture when shopping online.

Shopping Generative AI

When making a shopping query, we currently get served the product with several attributes such as price, colour and shipping information. With the Search Generative Experience, you will get a selection of further points to consider when making your selection. These include customer reviews, price comparisons and further product images.

As the AI experience is built on Google’s Shopping graph which has over 35 billion products on it, the dataset used is the biggest in the world. These datasets are refreshed daily to give you the most up-to-date and accurate answer to your search query.

Your shopping results will look a little something like this,


If you are an e-commerce business, don’t fret because Google believe that search and shopping ads are still a key in a consumers search journey, so they won’t go away. There will be dedicated ad slots in the search results that your ads will appear in.

Google has committed to being transparent about advertising, therefore continuing to make it clear which results are ads, and which are organic.

The Reliability Of AI

If you have used AI programmes before then you might know that it doesn’t always work perfectly. That’s why Google has focused AI results on areas they know the AI is capable of, even giving you expanded views where you can evaluate the data given yourself to ensure what you are being provided is correct.

This SGE has user experience at its forefront, from years of extensive research Google has been evolving the SGE interface and perfecting the user-friendliness of it.

They have stated tat they will continue to improve the AI as time goes on, working closely with policy makers, industry experts, human rights leaders and even content creators to make SGE the best it possibly can be.

When Will SGE Launch?

If you are in the US then buckle up as the SGE experience starts now, however, for UK users you may have to wait a little while yet. Google are starting with “Search Labs” in the US so they can gather valuable feedback from users and improve SGE further however, you do have to sign up to start using these Search Labs.

There is no exact date for when SGE may be available to everyone, but no doubt it will be in the near future. For now, there is still a wide range of other AI platforms we can sink our digital marketing-hungry teeth into, such as Chat GPT and Google’s Bard.


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