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Palfinger UK’s marketing team approached us for help with their SEO, wanting to grow their organic presence…

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Palfinger UK (part of T H WHITE Group) is the UK lorry cranes arm of the world-renowned Austrian crane manufacturer Palfinger, and came to us to help improve their organic rankings in the UK.

Palfinger UK’s marketing team approached us for help with their SEO, wanting to grow their organic presence. They required a well thought out strategy that would allow them to see consistent results over time. This meant not only improving their position within organic search results, but also ensuring those improvements resulted in additional traffic and, ultimately, conversions.


Challenges & Solutions

Domain authority

The Palfinger UK website was well established, with a domain that had been registered for more than 20 years. This was helpful because it meant we could start ranking quickly, however, for such an old domain certain key measures were fairly low. This meant we needed to find ways to improve the website’s citation flow and account for this in our strategy.

User journey

We identified opportunities to improve user journey experiences, improve tracking of actions taken on the site, and fully optimise content with Meta information and mark up data. We knew from the start that content and clear measures would be at the core of our strategy so fixing these areas as a matter of urgency was paramount to good optimisation.

Conversion focus

Whilst our core focus with SEO is to drive additional organic traffic to the site, this is pointless if that traffic doesn’t go on to convert. Therefore, as the final part of our plan, we knew we needed to drive additional conversions on the site.

Our Approach

We began by conducting a complete analysis of the site’s current authority and rankings, followed by comprehensive keyword research to inform the targeting for our SEO efforts. This then fed into the creation of an SEO sitemap, where we matched key terms we wanted the site to rank for against the pages that would best serve them. Alongside this, we conducted a complete tracking audit and sense check and ensured all conversion goals were not only tracking correctly but were also appropriate for the client. All traffic and goal completions can now be tracked and reported on comprehensively.

After the initial project setup was completed, we began to optimise key pages on the site, as well as creating content through blog posts to start capturing traffic from and ranking for a wider variety of keywords. We also completely overhauled the meta information and reviewed heading tags and architecture sitewide. These quick wins saw traffic spiking after only a month of optimisation.

Finally, now that traffic to the site was increasing steadily, we began looking at the user journey and experience. We revised calls to action sitewide and optimised some of the key on page elements, such as the homepage slider. As part of this we decided to test pushing enquiries for training courses, as these are another key offering from Palfinger UK. Through a few simple optimisations we were able to increase enquiries by 450% in a month.




Organic Traffic


Organic Conversions


Organic CTR


“Over the last few months, our collaboration with Talking Stick has greatly enhanced our SEO ranking and online visibility. We are thrilled with the outcome so far, as the quality of content delivered has been exceptional, and the results have shown a large uplift in organic traffic to our site with intended keyword success. The improvement is of little surprise to us, as we felt in safe hands with knowledgeable partners from the very start.  The onboarding process was efficient and comprehensive, and a clear roadmap was presented that has been closely followed ever since.  Working with the Talking Stick team has been a breeze; we meet regularly to discuss progress, and Ben goes above and beyond suggesting additional improvements that can enhance our website and customer experience.” Daniel Lyons, Marketing Executive 

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