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Ever wondered what it's like to work in the world of digital marketing?

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at Talking Stick Digital as a Digital Marketing Executive? Our newest Executive Vikki is here to give you all the details of her day-to-day life as an Exec.

Back Story

Before working at TSD I completed a management apprenticeship at Waitrose. I dabbled in subjects around marketing in the store and loved the aspects of it. I later left Waitrose to work as an extra for TV & Film and focus on my social media.

tv filming camera for movies

It was a very fun year working on shows like Sex Education on Netflix and Casualty on BBC. But in the long run, it’s long hours and not very rewarding. I started gaining traction on my TikTok, creating videos about makeup and daily life. I decided that I wanted to work in the digital world full-time and learn more about other areas of digital marketing.

That’s where Talking Stick Digital comes in. I found the job on Indeed, and immediately knew it was my dream job. Of course, I had to have an interview to make sure Trev (chief woofer) approved. Thankfully he sealed the deal, and I got the job!

Starting at Talking Stick Digital.

Starting at Talking Stick Digital was so exciting. The office is super spacious and has many areas for creative thinking. The team was very welcoming, and I instantly felt a part of TSD. My first day consisted of a lot of training videos and making notes. Fast forward to today, 4 months later and I have learned a heap about myself and the world of digital marketing.

My Morning Routine

I like to start my day off with a little mocha. There’s nothing better than the buzz from coffee to kickstart your creative juices. I then check my emails for any client questions or things to add to my list from Zoey and Emma. I then check our client budget tracker to make sure we aren’t over or under budget.

Once I’ve settled in and checked for any urgent alerts or emails, ill grab an unusual snack for breakfast to keep me fuelled for the day. My colleagues tend to find my snacks for breakfast super amusing as they aren’t your typical nibbles. I like to go for a bowl of soup or quiche (not quite an average piece of toast, that would be too boring). Now it’s time for the serious business…. my daily list.

Every day I like to make sure I’m ticking off jobs before they are due. This makes sure I’m never overdue on anything. These tasks range from creating a PPC (pay per click) campaign or optimising one, to writing a blog for SEO (search engine optimisation). The beauty of working in an agency is that every day is different. One day I ended up writing about weekly boarding at school in Dubai, Turkey holidays, and gut health. You just couldn’t get any more varied and I love it!

If it’s a Monday we start with weekly reports, it’s a great way to see how well our clients are performing week on week, month on month, and year on year. We compare data on Google Analytics and report on why we see the results we are seeing. If a cost per click has gone up, we investigate why this might happen, whether that’s a new competitor on the scene or if the quality score has decreased.

We then see what we’ve done that’s helped or what we can do to improve. It’s a great way to evaluate the work we’ve been doing and focus on homing in on the things that work well. We are kept on our toes constantly as each client is different, what may work for one, won’t for another!

Once these are done, I can crack on with my list.

My favourite tasks

My favourite tasks have to be writing blogs or designing emails for our clients. However, I do love every aspect of my job. Up to lunch, I will make sure any important tasks such as adding negative words to a campaign and any budgets that may need adjusting have been so. As well as creating and uploading PPC campaigns. If I’m creating an email newsletter, I will use Canva to create the main bulk of the content. It’s a fab way to get creative and add fun aspects to the newsletter. You can even create short-form videos into Gifs to add a moving element to the email. It’s a really eye-catching addition to the newsletter.

email marketing

Lunch Time

We usually go to lunch as a team at 13pm. Lunch can vary from last night’s roast dinner to a completely eclectic mix of anything and everything much to everyone’s amusement. And of course, I’ll share with Trev an orange segment or two! We’ll spend our time chatting about the latest movies we’re watching or any celeb gossip. Once I’ve completely filed my boots it’s back to it for the last stretch of the day!

Afternoon Routine

I like to keep my content for the afternoons, I feel the most creative after eating a big lunch. Sometimes I have a fruit tea to keep me satisfied while I’m writing.  I’ll check my emails before I start so I can respond to those sent during lunch. And then it’s time to write!

The content we write varies from blogs and page optimisations. These are where we check a page on a client’s website for any plagiarism and we write any bits that need to be changed. We make sure that relevant pages are being backlinked in the blog as well as trusted external websites. By keeping pages optimised you are allowing google to rank your website as more trustworthy and authoritative. By completing SEO correctly, you increase your organic rank on Google search which is crucial to a client.

Once I have my content written I will look at the tasks due towards the end of the week and start to prioritise them. I think it’s super important to plan efficiently every day, so you don’t miss tasks and prioritise correctly. Throughout my day I keep track of the time I spend on each client so that at the end of every day I can accurately fill out my timesheet.

Once I have completed my daily task list, planned for the next day, and filled out my timesheet I do a final check of emails to make sure everyone is happy and updated. Then I head home, ready to start again tomorrow!

Would I recommend working in digital marketing?

Since working at Talking Stick Digital, I have learned an immense amount about digital marketing. I can honestly say I learn something new every day. There is always a different method to try, or a new Google feature to test out. It is so rewarding when you see the results of your work! I cannot wait to see what the next few months have to bring, with Christmas coming up and the New Year, I’m super excited to see the changes in the industry with these events. If you are thinking about taking the leap into digital marketing, I cannot recommend it enough. This is truly a dream job!

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